Mark HPX and HPAX Series Globe & Angle Style Control Valves
Excellent pressure and flow control on steam, gasses and various liquid applications.

The HP Series control valves are high pressure globe and angle valves, designed for high-pressure applications in the process control industry.

They are equipped with metal seats, cage guiding and quick-change trim and push-down-to-close valve plug action. These valves use balanced valve plugs.

In the HPX2D and HPAX2 Series, a piston ring provides the seal between the cage and the balanced valve plug. In the HPX5T and HPAX5 Series that seal is provided by a pressure assisted seal ring.


  • Available in-line (2" - 6") or angle (2") designs
  • Characterized flow options include equal percentage, modified equal percent and linear
  • The Mark HPX/HPAX Series valves are ideal for high pressure applications in the process control industry
  • Cage guiding allows the Mark HPX/HPAX to handle high pressure drops while providing greater plug stability
  • Optional body and trim materials are available
  • Quick change trim for easy maintenance