Mark V-100 Series Control Valve
The Mark V-100 ball valve bodies have excellent pressure and flow control for gasses, various liquids and fibrous slurries.

The Mark V-100 ball valve design utilizes a standard ball with a triangular shape wedge formed in it. This device allows for both throttling control and on/off service used in conjunction with a variety of actuators.

The Mark V-100 valve design closes against one of several available ball seals with a shearing action. The Mark V-100 is a flangeless design and allows the valve body to fit between two existing pipeline flanges.

The typical actuator used is the pneumatic spring and diaphragm rotary actuator (1051). Mounting of this actuator can be on the right hand or left hand side viewed from the forward flow inlet.


  • Can be used for both throttling and on-off applications
  • Flangeless body design fits between raised face flanges
  • High flows
  • Modified equal percentage flow characteristic V-ball closes against the ball seal with a shearing action as the ball rotates
  • Used where there are low pressure drops and can be used in slurry applications
  • Tight shutoff