Mark 94 Series Steam Traps
The Mark 94 is a thermostatic steam trap designed specifically for use in higher capacity SIP applications like large filter, and medium to large vessel applications. It features a 20 Ra internal finish, and a self-draining design, to minimize the possibility of medium entrapment and bacterial growth. The Mark 94 has been designed to provide high condensate flow rates during SIP heat up, allowing vessels and other process equipment to reach validation temperature in minimum time. The proprietary fill, bellows and orifice design minimize the subcooling (3°F/-1.7°C) to open the trap during SIP temperature hold, insuring fast drainage under lower load conditions to minimize condensate back up and help insure against validation temperature faults.


  • Body and solid internal components constructed of ASTM A479 316L
  • Sanitary clamp ends standard, other ends (tube weld, threaded, ISO/DIN) available upon request
  • Self draining when installed vertically (outlet side down)
  • New design provides excellent flow rates with low subcooling 3°F (<1,7°C) or less) during heat up and temperature hold period, minimizing the probability of validation temp alarms caused by condensate back up
  • FDA, USP Class VI gasket standard