Mark 934 Series - Sanitary Steam Traps
The Mark 934 sanitary steam trap system is specifically designed to facilitate the sterilization of very large vessels including fermentors, bioreactors and autoclaves without the addition of a SIP Heat up bypass loop. The system consists of a high flow sanitary steam trap and a standard capacity sanitary trap in the same body.

The combined capacity of the two traps handles the highest condensate and air flows during initial heat up, replacing the need for a bypass loop. This trap also manages the lower rate of condensate production during the SIP temperature maintenance period. The Mark 934 is designed to operate up to a maximum differential pressure of 50 psig (3,4 bar) and will control condensate subcooling to less than 5°F, over a range from 10 to 50 psig.


  • Capital Expense (CAPex) Reduction: Piping simplification: Elimination of bypass tubing, tubing components, 3-way valve, and I/O capacity. And, minimization of associated labor: welding, polishing, wiring and commissioning
  • Utility Cost Reduction: Efficient air and condensate drainage without live steam or pressure loss. All available heat is transferred to the vessel, not the drain.
  • Vessel Availability Increase: More efficient heat transfer increases vessel availability by reducing heat-up time and SIP total cycle time
  • Polished components-body interior and exterior mechanically polished to SF1, 20 Ra μin (0,51 Ra μm)
  • Self-draining, no hold up
  • Ease of disassembly and maintenance
  • Highest condensate flow rates in the industry
  • FDA, USP Class VI gaskets standard