SVC/SHC Series - Sanitary Check Valves

The SVC/SHC Series were the first check valves to follow the valve design guidelines of ASME BPE 2009. Since no spring, hinge, mechanical return mechanism or stem is used, they are crevice-free, have no areas for particle entrapment, minimize particulate shedding, and are fully drainable. As soon as inlet pressure exceeds the weight of the disc plus the outlet pressure, the disc will lift. Process media flows under the seat and through the disc perimeter holes to the outlet side of the valve. As flow begins to reverse, the differential pressure across the valve drops and the disc returns to the seat, closing the valve.

  • Applicable for gas or liquids, and suitable for CIP and SIP. The 316L/elastomer disc units are autoclavable
  • Elimination of springs or hinges speeds opening time and eliminates particle entrapment areas
  • High flow rates with minimal pressure loss compared with mechanical return check valves
  • Low particle shedding properties compared with sliding disc type or spring return check valves
  • Unique design eliminates dead space and crevices associated with spring check valves
  • Self-draining flow path
  • Body and metallic disc are mechanically polished and electropolished to SF5, 20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µin)
  • Sanitary tube weld ends and tri-clamp ends available
  • Positive shutoff without the use of a spring


  • SVC: ASME BPE: 1/2’’ – 3’’
  • SHC: 1/2’’ – 2’’

End Connections

  • ASME Tri-Clamp, ASME Tube Weld Ends, DIN/ISO Tri-Clamp Conn’s to DIN 32676 Row A or B, DIN/ISO Tube Weld Ends to DIN 11866 Row A or B

Materials of Construction

  • Body: ASTM SA479 316L
  • Disc: ASTM SA497 316/EPDM, solid Teflon, PEEK, or Polypropylene (All FDA and USP Class VI)

*Note: 2 1/2'’ and 3’’ Disc is not available in 316L/EPDM