SSC Series- Sanitary Subcooled Condensers
As spent condensate and wet steam exit sterilized process tubing or equipment, the SSC rapidly removes enthalpy, subcooling the condensate below it’s saturation temperature. As the cooler condensate enters the sanitary steam trap, it causes the trap bellows to contract. The contracted bellows opens the trap orifice further allowing greater amounts of condensate to exit the system. The finned-chamber geometry of the SSC offers the best available technology for insuring rapid SIP heat-up and uninterrupted hold cycles, while offering a more economical alternative to conventional downcomber designs.


  • Can significantly reduce Project CAPex by reducing SIP temperature sensor/trap assembly TIC (total installed cost), by reducing the cost of OEM process skids or for retrofit and new site built installations.
  • SSC reduces the lineal and vertical distance needed between the SIP temp sensor and the steam trap by a minimum of 80%.
  • With the SSC, vertical head space is reduced by 15.6” if end user practice calls for the industry preferred 18” lineal – vertical downcomber. For 18: - 12” vertical, bent tube installations, the savings are 9.6”